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Wilo was the main leader through the race. We wouldn't of made it home with out. She is what a lead dog should be all about.

Rohn was one of the main leaders in the race and finished the race as a yearling.

Dallas was a key team dog and kept the dogs rareing to go.

Homer made it to the half way point and had to be dropped due to a sour wrist.

Nickoli was a key leader in the race and was one of the ones that lead us home.

Peewee was a team dog in the team and finished with style.

Rylee was a key team dog in the race and made it all the way home and he was only a year.

Sonic was a key team dog and kept strong all the way home.

Tapeka was a key dog that never gave up and kept goning when the going got tough.

Tonka was a strong girl but had to be bagged 20 miles before the finish.