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Our dog yard consists of two sections the male yard and the female yard. We also have kennels that go inside our garage, this is for the case that we have puppies, sick dogs, etc. Our dogs are fed Diamond Performance dog food, mixed with either beef or venison. The dogs are also given brewers yeast, this is to enhance their red blood cell count and it helps their coat. 

In the summer time the dogs are still ran and exercised on the four wheeler. We do a three mile run to keep their muscles and keep them in shape. They are allowed to free run on our 12 acres and play in kiddy pools. We run the dogs in the cool mornings and sometimes they are taken to the ponds to play for awhile.  The dogs also work on learning their names and to come when they are called.

When it comes cooler weather we start to increase the dogs miles and speed. We work a lot on leaders and getting them to respond to commands and learn my voice. They start to learn Gee over, get in and out of water and ditches on command, the everyone pull command, how to make "their" own trails in fields and how to pull through water.

Then when the snow starts to fly then we just go out and have fun at the races!