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Jr Iditarod 2003

February 22 & 23, 2003
For the first time in the history of the Jr. Iditarod, the race had to be moved completely out of the Susitna Valley and off the Iditarod Trail due to lack of snow and unsafe river conditions in the entire area. Two weeks before the race the Board of Directors decided that the only way the race could be run this year was to move it to the Lake Louise area near Glennallen, approximately 120 miles from our normal area of operations. (See map of this years trail.) Wolverine Lodge at Lake Louise became our start and finish point with Sourdough on the Richardson Highway as the layover point. Check points were established at Tolsona Lake and Crosswinds Lake, and the race distance remained at around 150 miles with temperature ranges from 5 to +23 degrees. Trail conditions were generally good and checkpoint times respectable. Teams throughout the state were hard put this year to get in good training miles due to the lack of snow and even the Iditarod had to move their re-start away from the Iditarod Trail and up to Fairbanks. We welcomed T. Rowe Price as a race sponsor this year as well as The University of Alaska College Savings Plan as scholarship backers.

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Meet the Team!


Wilo was the main leader through the race. We wouldn't of made it home with out. She is what a lead dog should be all about.

Rohn was one of the main leaders in the race and finished the race as a yearling.

Dallas was a key team dog and kept the dogs rareing to go.

Homer made it to the half way point and had to be dropped due to a sour wrist.

Nickoli was a key leader in the race and was one of the ones that lead us home.

Peewee was a team dog in the team and finished with style.

Rylee was a key team dog in the race and made it all the way home and he was only a year.

Sonic was a key team dog and kept strong all the way home.

Tapeka was a key dog that never gave up and kept goning when the going got tough.

Tonka was a strong girl but had to be bagged 20 miles before the finish.